A UK chemical manufacturing company had a fire on one of their sites which destroyed production buildings and a warehouse. Thankfully nobody was injured but the company was left without any manufacturing facility for part of their portfolio.

So they engaged Witton Chemical Company to toll manufacture some of their products until they could rebuild. We were able to very quickly adapt the customer’s process to remove a possible cause of the fire and start safely contract manufacturing their products within a month of the first telephone call.

Our flexibility and professional approach is demonstrated by :-

  • The number of chemicals toll manufactured by Witton Chemical Co. Ltd. increased from the initial two simple materials discussed to over a dozen more complex variations being custom manufactured.
  • Batch sizes varied from approx. 200kg to greater than 10 tonnes
  • Typical production rates were approx 20 tonne per week of various grades.
  • A total of 4 different reactors were used for the work; one of which was dedicated to this range and 3 other smaller vessels were used as batch size and demand changed.

The business also required:-

  • Warehousing of raw materials, packaging and finished products.
  • New QC testing to match the customers existing specifications and test methods.
  • Justification to the UK HSE that our approach to the products that were involved in the fire is robust and they could be safely produced on our site.