ISO 45001:2018 ISO Certificate

Witton has established, documented and implemented an integrated management system compliant with ISO 45001.

It is our policy to:

  • Ensure that our employees work in a safe and healthy environment without risk of injury or ill health caused by their work
  • Prevent pollution to the area in which we operate
  • Comply with all legislation and regulations governing our activities,
  • Discuss openly with our customers, employees, suppliers and the local community how we carry out this policy
  • Monitor our performance and seek to improve continually.

To achieve these objectives we will:

  • Work with every member of the company to ensure that they understand and share the goals and are committed to achieving them
  • Provide training and resources when required to enable staff to achieve the goals
  • Maintain an efficient, documented management system as a tool for operating safely and effectively in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Learn from others what constitutes good practice and disseminate good practice
  • Only introduce new products, processes and operations when we are confident that they will not compromise our objective of carrying out this policy

We also have a Quality Policy and an Environmental Policy