Acriflow UL-230 is the sodium salt of polyacrylic acid of low molecular weight. A lower solids content version of Acriflow UL-2, it is used as a dispersant and suspending agent in industrial processes and applications which include:

  • mining and mineral handling (china clay, metal ores)
  • inorganic pigment dispersions
  • paper making
  • textile processing
  • sugar processing
  • paint manufacture
  • boiler water treatment

Typical Properties

PropertySpecification RangeTypical Values
AppearanceColourless to yellow, clear liquid free from visible impuritiesPale yellow, clear liquid
Solid Contents29 – 31%29.5%
pH6.0 – 8.06.6
Brookfield Viscosity20 – 45 cps32 cps
Molecular Weight1000 – 3000 Dalton2000 Dalton

Packaging & Labelling

Standard packaging is in 210 litre UN-standard plastic drums at 250kg nett or 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers at 1200kg nett. Each item of packaging is labelled with product name, batch number, date of manufacture, nett weight and relevant Health and Safety information. May also be supplied in bulk.

Hazard Classification

Not classified as hazardous for transport or supply

CAS No: 9003-04-7

Approved for use in paper products for foodstuffs (FDA Ch. 176.17-18/BGA Ch.36).

Shelf Life

When stored sealed & unopened in the original packaging protected from direct sun light at 5-25°C the shelf life is over 6 months. If customer’s storage conditions do not match all this parameters then they should carry out their own tests to determine the shelf life under their specific storage conditions.

Related Materials

Acriflow UL-230 is provided as the sodium salt. For information about the higher solids content version of the product please click here.