Witton has warehouse storage in excess of 1000m2 Indoors, whilsrt outside there is also a large amount of hard standing area for drums and IBCs, with a covered area available for monomer storage.

For temperature dependent materials we have a 20m3 heated storage at 25°C, 4x60m3 heated storages at 60°C and a 20m3 refrigerated storage at -15°C.

Witton Chemical has over 450,000 litres of capacity for bulk storage for both raw material and finished product. We also have a 60000L bulk storage tank fitted with hot water jacket which can be heated to 85°C.

To allow the easy weighing of bulk tankers, we have an onsite weighbridge of 50 tonne capacity. The weighbridge is calibrated to M1 standard.

There is a loading ramp to enable the easy loading of shipping containers.

Indoor Warehouse Storage including Drums and IBC