Witton offers a first class service to toll manufacture fine chemicals & polymers and to dry powders. New products and processes are taken quickly and efficiently from the laboratory, through pilot plant scale up and on to full scale production. The need to meet tight deadlines in order to take advantage of new opportunities in the market, is well understood. We have a track record of turning enquiries into business in a short time frame.

An adaptable plant with a wide range of vessel sizes available means that the contract manufacturing service can continue beyond scale up and development to full scale on-going manufacture. The company has provided many customers with long years of service. Plant and equipment can be repurposed, or new equipment installed and dedicated to a particular customer’s production when required.

Witton is pleased to undertake toll manufacturing campaigns that range from producing a single batch of just tens of kilos to multi-ton batches in annual campaigns into the thousands of tons of material per year.  Finished products can be packed into kegs, drums, bags, FIBCs or bulk loads and dispatched to anywhere in the world

Bulk storage for raw materials, intermediates and finished products is available. Raw materials and packaging may be purchased by Witton or received on consignment. Our logistics team is skilled at sourcing new materials and finding cost effective ways to send products all over the globe.

Contract Chemical Manufacturing Facilities in Mildenhall, Suffolk. UK

Our service is completely confidential. To discuss your requirements, in confidence, please contact us.