Witton is well equipped to safely carry out chemical reactions with a wide range of reagents including flammable, and highly viscous raw materials. We have facilities to handle materials that melt between 20°C and 90°C. Witton is capable of carrying out exothermic reactions, emulsion and solution polymerisations, distillations and recrystallisations. We have the facilities to isolate, wash and dry solids.


Our plant includes number of stainless steel reactors reactors sized from 50 to 18,000 litres. Each vessel has steam heating jackets capable of temperatures up to 150°C. The reactors can operate at moderate pressure or under vacuum. All reactors are fitted with condensers to allow reactions to be run at reflux or set up for distillation if required. Our reactors and condensers are cooled using water from one of three on site cooling towers. All the reactors are vented via scrubbers and each can be inerted with >99.8% nitrogen generated on site.

Our equipment is capable of handling solutions with high viscosities. All our plant is compliant with current DSEAR/ATEX regulations .


The driers have an operating temperature range of 10°C to 90°C additionally they can operate under vacuum.


Witton can store and handle Solvents and other materials in bulk. Our bunded bulk tanks have a total storage capacity in excess of 450,000 litres.

Witton Chemical Company UK HQ in Mildenhall, Suffolk.
Witton Chemical Company UK HQ in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Raw materials including solvents and monomers can be handled from small to medium quantities in kegs, bags, drums, IBCs, or FIBCs to large quantities in bulk.

Finished products can be packed into quantities from a few kilograms up to bulk loads.

Refrigerated storage to -18° C and heated storage to +60°C are available. Warehouse storage is in excess of 1000m2 and there is additional storage space on site.