The development and optimisation of solution and emulsion free-radical polymerisation processes is a core part of Witton’s business.

We are experienced in taking a laboratory polymerisation procedure and scaling up through pilot plant trials and then on to full scale production. We also have experience of taking on the manufacture of products from other toll manufacturers or our customer’s sites sometimes at short notice.

Most monomers can be handled and reacted with redox or thermal initiators. Polymerisation reactions can be carried out in water or solvent. Molecular weight can be controlled by the combined choice of initiator & reaction conditions or by use of an appropriate chain transfer agent.

Our reactors are equipped with condensers, and solvent can be stripped from polymer solutions using vacuum if required.

The company is skilled in the production of latexes for use in coatings and surface treatments.

Note we do not use carcinogenic or highly toxic materials or anything particularly malodorous.