Witton has a number of stainless steel reactors ranging from the small scale 50 litres up to 18m3 for larger scale manufacturing processes. Each vessel has steam heating jackets capable of temperatures up to 150°C. All are fitted with condensers to allow reactions to be run at reflux or set up for distillation if required. Our reactors and condensers are cooled using water from one of three on site cooling towers. All the reactors are vented via scrubbers and each can be inerted with >99.8% nitrogen generated on site.

Witton has experience in handling a wide range of chemicals including corrosive, flammable and viscous materials. Our equipment is capable of handling polymers with viscosities in excess of 100,000cps. All our plant is compliant with current DSEAR/ATEX regulations and is suitable for handling liquids with autoignition temperatures above 200°C in gas groups IIA or IIB.

Many of the reactors can be linked to allow easy transfer between vessels for multi-stage processes.

Material from the reactors can be packed as required into bulk tankers, IBC, drums or kegs. If required material can be transferred to onsite storage for collection as required.

Stainless Steel Reactor used in Chemical Manufacturing