Our innovation continues, with ongoing product & process optimisation and long term continuous improvement. Examples of our approach can be seen in these Case Studies.

We appreciate the need for working quickly and effectively to take advantage of market opportunities and we have a long track record of turning enquiries into business in a short period of time.

An adaptable plant and a wide range of vessels enables our service to continue well beyond laboratory development and scale up through to full commercial manufacture, providing an efficient and effective resource for all our customers, whatever the order size or complexity.

Our production campaigns are customer specific and these can range in size from a single batch of a few kilos to campaigns of thousands of tonnes. Our research and development team have extensive experience in the design and scaling up of processes, supported by our analytical team and facilities. This allows us to quickly bring production to a commercial scale and meet customer timeline targets.

Our on site engineering department can rapidly reconfigure our multi-purpose equipment with a minimum of downtime. We can also install new equipment where required. This flexibility allows Witton to provide seamless progression from the laboratory through the pilot plant and on to full-scale production.

To discuss your requirements, in confidence, please contact us.

A Stainless Steel Cone Dryer used in Chemical Manufacturing